Donald Glover Star Wars, Or……

Donald Glover As Lando?

When it comes to one of the most known series of movies of all time and they continue to make more and more we watch closely to make sure they get things right. Star Wars has really put their name out there in recent years seeing an increase in movies and have just 1 movie released each year. With star Wars fans all over the world, some of them begin to watch the details of not only what is happening in the movie but also the actors that take the new hold on the new movies along with mess ups they could see. The directors look at the movies and work hard not to make any mistakes for this reason alone. On this page we are going to be talking about Lando Calrissian’s character, no not Billy Dee Williams, in fact we are going to be concentrated on Donald Glover Star Wars. Time to learn more about your Han Solo friendly face.

Disney continues to make a killing make so many different movies from super heroes too taking over the new Star Wars franchises. With new movies and some that take place in the past they need to find younger actors to take up the mantel that the original cast had set into motion. On of these people they hired to act in the newest movie of “Solo, A Star Wars Story” was Donald Glover to play one of the most well know Characters  Lando Calrissian, previously played by Billy Dee Williams. We want to go over who we believe was better in this role, understanding that these are years apart, and different movies. To get the best from each actor in that position we want to judge them by acting skill, and progression throughout the movie.

Why Donald Glover Star Wars?

If you’re on the lookout for a new Star Wars movie which includes beloved characters and uses every chance to play to your sense of nostalgia, you will receive that. The story is really straightforward. The stories they think that they’re protecting are really the stories they’re destroying. Future characters will also include an exclusive bit of physical merchandise. The characters he plays on TV reflect some element of his childhood he does not need to give up.When Donald was a kid he watched Billy Dee play this iconic character in the movies, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and ever since then Donald has always dreamed of playing in a Star Wars movie. Now he got his chance and we get to see a who different person play such a great role.

Who Played It Better?

When Billy Dee played Lando he was deceptive and Han felt like one of his oldest friends betrayed him in Empire Strikes Back, we learned in Return of the Jedi that whe only did that to his friend because Vader was there waiting for him and Lando was protecting his people. We felt that it was a great plot twist and we love that lando remains to be a good guy that we want from him. What we do know about lando is that he loves to gamble, in fact he lost his ship playing a game against Han. In the new “Solo” movie it’s about the journey of Han Solo and how he not only got his ship but how he meet Lando and how they became great friends and a lot more.

What Else Has Donald Glover Done?

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Donald Glover Star Wars, How Was He?

It’s so hard to choose when it comes to finding out who played lando better in Star Wars. Both Donald and Billy Dee have played a great role in the movies and both did such a great job playing the same character and more. The real question we enjoy asking is, what one did you like better? Which one did you have more fun watching? These should be answered by you and what you thought most about these movies.

While it’s two different actors playing the same character you have to remember it’s two different time periods in both the real world and in the movies them selves along with different directors who wanted to see different traits of their characters while keeping the some concept of who they are. No matter who plays these iconic characters we enjoy the movies none the less, and as you should know we actually will not tell you who played the character of Lando better because we want you to be able make that judgment for yourself and discover the true world of Star Wars along with more. When it comes to watching Star wars we love these movies and we can’t just pick one movie or one character that makes these movies great So if you are anything like us go watch a movie and see Donald Glover Star Wars!

He Did Good At This Role!